luni, 24 ianuarie 2011

Blue Moon Behind Blue Eyes

4U...bcoz I was so, so late

I hide my star within my dejected eyes,
full of bewilderment, I can’t do anything…
Even if we hold hands, we’ll feel awkward…
I want us to smile, like we do in my dream.
The other side of night resounds it’s melody
and my hot chest makes a riot…
If we stretch our hands to the whispering Blue Moon,
it seems we’ll be able to reach it.
You won’t run after me
with your usual tender smile…
Each passing second is a glittering grain of sand,
I won’t let even a single grain spill, I won’t forget that.
The faint displeased moon seems like it’ll disappear,
I claw it out from your defenseless back.
Left behind is a deep scar,
I embrace the etched evidence left behind.
Fleeting Blue Moon, why did I
came to love you?
We continue to pause in the same scene,
it’s a story too sad..
Blue Moon, when I look up and think of you,
my time stops…
Lamenting Blue Moon, it seems I’ll
be sucked in deep into your unending darkness…
Although it won’t come true…I’ll love you,
even if one day the heavens shatter,
I’ll always think of you…forever.

2 comentarii:

  1. It's funny, but right now I'm experiencing the same feeling with a guy I know, well, since november last year.

    I think I will post something tonight as well, after I finish cramming for semiotics tomorrow. Keep up the good work and people will notice you! :)

  2. Yeah, right.
    And where the hell is the fun in that?