duminică, 26 aprilie 2009

Tribute to my dear friends

“Ang kaibigan ay parang isang bulaklak; na pumupuno ng kulay sa buhay “
“Namiss Kita ng sobra, Detz। Ingat ka lage mahal kong kaibigan! Kailan ka babalik?"

Friendship…A simple word used by anyone, but with different meanings…
For some, it’s nothing more than a simple comraderie; others demand honesty, trust, mutual understanding and sympathy. A few people believe that a friend is a soulmate, more special than anyone…because a friend can be a lover, but a lover can’t be a friend..
There is a spiritual bound between friends, that has no limits! Not even distance or time. For example: Mircea Eliade (a famous writter) corresponded with his close friend, Mircea Handoca (a critic and a writter) for years, before they met in person. That’s why I think that friendship can appear through letters or even through internet. But you don’t have to meld this feeling with love…because you’ll just suffer. You’ll feel lonely, and the distance between your “angel” will only destroy you, little by little. Real Love is….something higher than friendship, much, much higher. For that, you need more than a photo or a webcam; you have to know that person’s heart and personality very deep, to be ready to die for that “someone”….Look: here, we have a word: “You really care for a woman when you like her, the moment she wakes up”. No make-up, no fancy clothes, no jewelries, no nothing… Just her.
And with the internet…you can’t really do all this things.

WOW! I think I’ve began to beat the bushes…Sorry. Ma bad..

I, (miself and me), think that the base of a friendship lies in honesty, honor and truth. And somehow, I recognize these virtues in people (don’t be frightened! I’m not a mind-reader or something like that…I’m just being carefull to some details; because all we do it represents our personality).
Anyway..for short: friends are like flowers…you just have to see their beauty, to appreciate their rarity, and…you will feel their parfume. They give you a purpose in life, they bring “that thing” valuable into your existance. A friend makes you happy, even when he talks to you; gives you confidence, altough there are only a few words. He believes in you, when you think that you’re “the end of all hopes”. And most important: he’s always finding a way to help when you need someone close to your heart, no matter what. Even if the entire world is between you, he’s there. For you, and only for you.
And…in time, I convinced myself of that. It’s a really big thing to laugh, when just a minute ago you were crying…to hear kind words, when you thought you’re lonely…to see that someone appreciates you for what you are, for that minor things that only you can do. That is why…I wanna thanks all my friends for making me smile when I lose my faith, or when I’m just sad. They trust me, they make me dream, they help me not to loose miself in my own dreams. I hope (against all hopes), that I’ll repay you…someday…somehow.
I just promise you that I’m trying to do that, every single day…

P.S.: Reading this, many people would probably say: “You’re nothing but a Big Hypocrite!”…Because, in all my previous writtings, I’ve already expressed my bad feelings about these…virtual relatonships (don’t rip my head off, because that’s what I believe). But there is a minor difference: I don’t believe in “love via internet”; not at all. That’s only a beautiful dream…Sooner or later, it ends. And Real Love has no ending…
But, as I said it before, I believe in friendship.

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  1. And even a blogger can be a trustworthy friend. ;) You have my word on that.

  2. i do respect what you have written in your blog... but i hope that you could also realize someday that everything happens for a reason... and every person you've met in life has it's purpose... to make you a better person...=)"